Episode 143: The Mayo Clinic Has a Vaccine for Breast Cancer!

We also discussed the Scandinavian Diet.

According to DR. Franklin Wefald, the diet isn’t much different from the “No-no” Diet, which involves cutting down on carbs and sugars. Stop eating so much potatoes, white flour, white rice and anything made with lots of sugar. Goodbye cake, hello, healthier you. Listen to the podcast for more, near the end of the show.

Heart Health Radio Episode 143 on the WPTF podcast page.

Also, a CNN report about toxins in baby food is Fake News!

Photo Credit: CNN

Dr. Wefald explains why this child really isn’t being harmed by his baby food.

Saturday, October 19 at 12:00 Noon. On the podcast page of WPTF.com and at itunes under “Heart Health.”

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