Fake News: Millenials Will Get Sick and Die Faster Than Boomers

In Episode 156 of Heart Health Radio, Dr. Franklin Wefald calls FAKE NEWS on a new study making the rounds:

Men’s Health: Millenials are the largest, most educated, and most connected generation the world has ever seen. They’re also going to be sicker, skinter, and die younger than their parents (a.k.a Generation X) if a new US healthcare report is anything to go by.

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Maybe they will die from excessive tattooing. – Dave

The grim analysis, by Blue Cross Blue Shield, forecasts two different futures: a ‘baseline’ that represents a best-case scenario according to historic health data, and ‘adverse’ which is essentially what will happen if current trends continue. And either way, the prognosis is pretty bleak.

Dr. Wefald addresses this about 15 minutes into the latest Heart Health Radio archived at WPTF.com.

So please don’t worry about this. You’re already anxious enough, you know. I think that millennials are going to live longer than us, honestly.

Dr. Franklin Wefald

Dr. Wefald: Now what did they do? They went through 140,000 millennials and saw what medicines they take and the diagnoses that they have and they made some sort of computerized projection to say the millennials are going to die more than the Gen Xers or the boomers.

Now, let me just tell you this. This is what they said. Compared to the Gen X and boomer generation the millennials between the ages of 30 and 39 are therefore, when they get to that age, going to die. Accidental overdose, suicide and homicide.

Now just remember, if you’re a millennial stop worrying. If you don’t use heroine and Fentanyl you’re not going to die of an accidental overdose. Now, suicide is a really serious problem and I do not have all the information to tell me whether the millennials are more depressed or more suicidal. If they are, I think we can possibly say it’s because of stuff like this. Getting people to worry about their health when they don’t need to worry about their health.

I will say this, the millennials are really in tune to physical activity and exercise. Dave Alexander: Right. Dr. Frank Wefald: And this is what the article said, “maybe they won’t die from boring old things like heart disease and cancer”. So, they are exercising more which helps mental health. It releases these natural opiates called endorphins and you can’t overdose on the nature opiates. So, all of you millennials out there, when you’re thinking about OK Booma, we’re supposedly not going to overdose, not kill ourselves and not kill each other. So please don’t worry about this. You’re already anxious enough, you know. I think that millennials are going to live longer than us, honestly.

Also, a local hospital gets poor marks in a quality survey and Dr. Wefald disagrees. Fred asks about turmeric, ginger and milk-thistle…and Dr. Wefald endorses it! Margaret asks about an autoimmune disease called GCA.

Click here for the show.

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