Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss?

In episode 153 of Heart Health Radio we welcomed brand new Friend of the Show Denny Owens, the Executive Director of InShape Medical.

He’s not a medical doctor, but works with a physician and physician assistant and nurses at InShape Medical to help folks lose weight and feel better.

From the show:

Dennis Owens: So, at In Shape Medical we do a lot of hormone balancing when people reach middle age and their hormones get out of balance and starts causing all kinds of symptoms that they can get relief from.  That’s a large thing that we do.  We also do a lot of nutritional counseling and medical weight loss.  We do some aesthetics, but that’s really not the focus of the clinic.  It’s really about trying to get people, especially as they are aging feel a better state of health and be proactive about their health through lifestyle changes and some interventions. 

Denny Owens is in the center of this staff picture.

Dave Alexander: I mean, if somebody came to you and said, you know, I go to a regular doctor. I have an endocrinologist.  I’m a diabetic and I need to lose weight and change my life.  Are you a good place to go?

Dennis Owens: Yeah, we help a lot of people in those situations.  We absolutely do.  Metabolic syndrome, I mean it’s just rampant in our society because of the lifestyle choices that people make.  So, we help people turn around their health in a lot of different ways.  A lot of it’s nutrition based but there are other things as well.  Like I said, hormone balancing and other things.

Dave Alexander: So, if I wanted to go on a diet, I would go to you?

Dennis Owens: Yes, absolutely.  If you want to lose weight quickly and safely but also make lifestyle changes there is a lot of good research that says quick weight loss is good if it’s coupled with coaching to get lifestyle changes for the long term.  Because otherwise you’re probably going to gain that weight back pretty quickly.

Dr. Frank Wefald: Yeah, there’s something about the metabolism that shrinks your belly fat because you are getting a tire…that’s what they call it, a spare tire…I had about four spare tires, you know. You slim down and your muscle strength gets better. Your brain starts to work better. I remember where my keys were.

Dr. Franklin wefald

Dr. Frank Wefald: I was just feeling terrible about five years ago and I thought it was physician burnout. But I finally wised up and went to a doctor and she is excellent.  She got my testosterone level and I should have been what, about 400 for my age, 450.  It was 135! 

It was terrible.  Well then, we figured out it was because of all the procedures that I did, the cardiac procedures where you have to wear lead because you’re blasting everybody with fluoroscopy which is radiation. I started getting replacement.  Tell us about your story and how you got replacement and how you are doing. 

Dennis Owens: Yeah, I’ve had multiple health challenges over the years and I have overcome all of them through different modalities.  In the beginning, it was about eight years ago, I was suffering all kinds of symptoms.  Come to find out, I had, what was driving that was my very low testosterone.  Mine wasn’t much higher than yours.  Mine was 152.

The entire discussion is on Heart Health Radio from 1/18/2020, and all the shows are here.

We’re on Apple Podcasts and at WPTF podcasts, but we’re also on WPTF AM-680 every Saturday at noon. Dr Wefald is glad to point you in the direction of good questions to ask your doctor.

Always see your doctor before changing your medical routine. Don’t stop taking medicines based on advice you might hear, or silly articles on the internet.

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