Stop Politicizing Covid-19!

Episode 159 starts with Dr. Franklin Wefald taking a stand against politicians using the coronavirus outbreak for political advantage. Find it here. All information true as of 2-29-2020.

Health outbreaks or viral outbreaks and possible pandemics should never be politicized because you know, the Democrats, the whole election cycle including climate change, especially climate change.

Dr. Franklin Wefald, being photo-bombed.

What they’re trying to tell you subliminally is vote for me or you’re going to die. I find that to be morally repulsive because there is no greater medical community than in the United States. Listen, if anyone knows how to protect the country from Coronavirus it’s the medical community. And the concept that President Trump by himself will kill you because he’s incompetent to handle the Coronavirus. If you hear that, get angry because it is only going to stir up anxiety and it’s going to make things worse.

The latest episode of Heart Health Radio is always found here. Since the coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly changing issue, some facts change quickly. For the best advice, listen to the most recent episode in the list.

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