Why An Old Technique Might Solve the Covid-19 Crisis

Dr. Franklin Wefald explains that with thousands of doctors working on the Covid-19 pandemic, treatments and solutions will be found. Full audio version of Episode 160 is here. The latest episode is always here.

Information on this episode is current up to 3-7-2020.

Dr. Frank Wefald: In 1918 we really had a pandemic. Fifty million people dead from the flu. Now, one of the things that’s been lost in time is serum treatments. OK, suppose you get bit by a snake.

Dave Alexander: Yeah.

Dr. Frank Wefald: Do you know how they treat you?

Dave Alexander: No.

Dr. Frank Wefald: They give you anti-venom. And what is anti-venom? It’s made from people who survived the snake bite. It’s the antibodies in the serum. So, what is the serum? The serum is the yellow stuff when you spin down a blood tube. If you’ve ever had blood drawn and you see it spun down. They spin down the cells.

Dr. Frank Wefald: Inside that clear but yellow fluid are a bunch of billions and billions, as Carl Sagan would say, of proteins. And some of them are specifically targeted against either snake venom or in the case of the flu, the flu virus. So, what did these doctors do? They didn’t even know what this was a venom. But they decided to do an experiment. They took people who had recovered and transfused their blood into people who were deathly ill and guess what? 50% reduction in mortality. So, they’re doing studies where in China.

Dr. Frank Wefald: And they are isolating the serum. They’re isolating the antibodies from people who recover and they are giving it to people who are deathly ill. And so that may be something very simple we can do and I know that the CDC is looking into this because that’s where I read it. I think it’s an example of why not to panic. There are smart, smart people who are behind this.

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