Magnesium, Parkinson’s and Covid-19

We had a great show Saturday. Callers wondered about conditions they might have including low magnesium. It turns out Dr. Franklin Wefald has some experience with treating low magnesium. Betty called about Parkinson’s after heart surgery. It turns out there is a connection.

We covered the latest about COVID-19, with information current to 3/29/2020. It’s always best to listen to the most up to date program as the situation is still rapidly changing.

This link will take you to all the shows.

Dr. Wefald insisted that we cover “what he got wrong” since we’ve learned a lot about how virus is transmitted. We know now that you can transmit the virus without ever feeling sick. COVID-19 spreads quickly if we don’t isolate from each other.

From Episode 161:

.  I predicted at first 10,000 U.S. cases because I thought that’s what it was going to be.  Then I said 30,000 cases.  Well obviously off by an order of magnitude.  Now, I think the number one reason is that at the time we were looking at this in the United States, the concept was that there weren’t that many asymptomatic people and that the transmission between human to human therefore wasn’t going to be so great in that if you got the virus you would be sick, you would be isolating and then the rest of us would be washing our hands and we would be fine. 

Source: US News and World Reports

Well, what they’re learning from the testing is that there are a tremendous number of people who have the virus and who don’t have any symptoms…or at least they don’t have symptoms that they can distinguish between, you know, allergies.  And so, the other thing that we didn’t realize is that these asymptomatic people would be in the group we call millennials and gen-Zs. 

And unfortunately what we didn’t take into account was the resistance to isolate and hand wash and social distance among the young people.  Now, everybody has been beating up on the millennials and the gen-Zs.  I’m not going to beat up on them.  If I could blame anybody it’s the parents.  You know, why would they pay for a spring trip break? 

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