A Little Harsh to Blame the President?

Something to think about, from Townhall columnist Larry Elder:

For three years, critics of President Donald Trump have claimed that he arrogantly refuses to listen to his experts and that his exaggerated sense of self prevents him from accepting his limitations. Applying that narrative to Trump’s initial failure to appreciate the gravity of the coronavirus, NBC host Chuck Todd recently asked former Vice President Joe Biden, “Do you think there is blood on the president’s hands, considering the slow response? Or is that too harsh of a criticism?” Even Biden called the criticism a “little too harsh.”

“A little too harsh?” Trump, neither a doctor nor a scientist, merely followed the advice given him from his medical experts. The problem is that a lot of the advice was vague, inconsistent, contradictory or flat-out wrong.

On last week’s episode of Heart Health Radio, Dr. Franklin Wefald took the president to task for refusing to wear a mask. There are lots of people refusing to follow common sense advice, and some of those people are in the business of doling out advice.

When this is over, we’ll have a good picture of what strategies worked, how bad things really were and who we can blame. Until then, can anyone explain why everything President Trump does is described in the most unflattering light?

I swear, if the president suggests we spend some time gardening, there will be some folks lining up to oppose photosynthesis. — Dave Alexander

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