A Closed Hospital Reopens For COVID-19

Rose Hobin of North Carolina Health News was on Heart Health Radio this week to talk about their coverage of COVID-19 in North Carolina..

One of her most recent articles highlights a plan to reopen a hospital which had been shuttered. The original article is here

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on hospitals. Most hospitals lost millions in revenue when they stopped performing elective surgeries in mid-March, then spent millions gathering supplies and training staff to be ready for a potential surge in cases.


But the pandemic may have the opposite effect on one shuttered rural North Carolina hospital. Sandhills Regional Medical Center, located in the Richmond County town of Hamlet, which has had new life breathed into it as a result of COVID-19.

Hear the interview in the first segment of Heart Health Radio on FM 98.5 AM 680 WPTF and the podcast which is here.

We talked a lot about opening up North Carolina. Dr. Franklin Weald is in favor of getting back to work, and explains (in the last few minutes) that the “death toll” should be compared with other death statistics.

Heart Health Radio shows are on Apple Podcasts and at WPTF.com. Click here for the all the podcasts. Remember that all information about COVID-19 is time sensitive because we’re always learning more about the disease.

Before taking any action regarding your health, talk to your own doctor.

Dr. Franklin Weald and Dave Alexander

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