If Your Flu is Really Bad, Go to Duke or UNC Hospitals

The flu season is here, and people are dying. Last week in North Carolina, 11 people died from the flu, bringing the seasonal total to 33. (Source: NC DHHS.) Nationally, 39 children have died so far this season. (Source CDC.) From Heart Health, Episode 153: Dr. Frank Wefald: The flu report is here.  There areContinue reading “If Your Flu is Really Bad, Go to Duke or UNC Hospitals”

Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss?

In episode 153 of Heart Health Radio we welcomed brand new Friend of the Show Denny Owens, the Executive Director of InShape Medical. He’s not a medical doctor, but works with a physician and physician assistant and nurses at InShape Medical to help folks lose weight and feel better. From the show: Dennis Owens: So,Continue reading “Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss?”

You Do Not Need a Daily Vitamin

Unless your doctor says so. Episode 152 of Heart Health Radio included a great conversation with Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch. His websites examine medical; fraud, bad medical advice and nutritional claims. Dr. Barrett is a retired psychiatrist and has co-authored a book on vitamin quackery. The full text of the book is here. FromContinue reading “You Do Not Need a Daily Vitamin”

Episode 151: The SAD Lamp

Can a lamp help you beat the winter blues? In the latest Heart Health Radio, Dr. Franklin Wefald talks about depression and seasonal affective disorder. Dave Alexander: Are people getting sick more during this period of time? Dr. Frank Wefald: Yeah, and I think a lot of it has to do with the stress. AndContinue reading “Episode 151: The SAD Lamp”

Duke Surgeons Perform a Unique Heart Transplant

On Episode 151 of Heart Health Radio, Dr. Franklin Wefald explains why doctors implanted a heart which had stopped beating. Dr. Frank Wefald: Full disclosure. I trained in Cardiology at Duke. I know these guys. Some of them are retired. I’m old. But it’s a wonderful place. It’s a place where magic still happens. IContinue reading “Duke Surgeons Perform a Unique Heart Transplant”

Do You Need a Pacemaker?

On Heart Health Radio Episode 150, Bill called up to ask about pacemakers. Dr. Franklin Wefald gives some background. He has put in thousands of pacemakers. Listen to the show here. Dr. Wefald also tells a story on air of one of the few times he’s made a critical error putting in a pacemaker, andContinue reading “Do You Need a Pacemaker?”

Episode 150: North Carolina Children’s Hospital’s Troubles

If a hospital has a problem, should they let patients know? This was in the New York Times: The parents of a 3-year-old who died after heart surgery at North Carolina Children’s Hospital in 2016 are suing the institution, saying it failed to disclose internal concerns about the quality of its care. Dr. Franklin WefaldContinue reading “Episode 150: North Carolina Children’s Hospital’s Troubles”

What is the “No-No Diet?”

And How Can Just About Anybody Lose Weight? Dr. Franlin Wefald didn’t invent the “No-no Diet” but he did name it. Based upon years of helping people manage diabetes, heart conditions and obesity, Wefald figures if you can cut down on a short list of foods, you’ll be healthier and lose weight. But it’s stillContinue reading “What is the “No-No Diet?””

A Machine Which Detects 13 Types of Cancer!

From a single drop of blood. This is the Holy Grail of diagnosing cancer. The key to early detection. Details are here, and we discuss this on Heart Health Radio here. Toshiba says its device tests for 13 cancer types with 99% accuracy from a single drop of blood (Japan Times) Toshiba Corp. has developedContinue reading “A Machine Which Detects 13 Types of Cancer!”

Episode 149: 70% of Blood Available for Transfusion Contains Xanax

…and lots of coffee, too. Story here. Seventy percent of people don’t really take Xanax, so why is so much blood tainted? Dr. Franklin Wefald suggests a reason for this. You might be someday getting two flu shots a year. Dr. Wefald is asking his doctor about it. Should you? Marc called about his cardiacContinue reading “Episode 149: 70% of Blood Available for Transfusion Contains Xanax”