A North Carolina Hospital Spotted the Problems with Vaping Early

From northcarolinahealthnews.com Doctors at the WakeMed Raleigh campus saw three relatively young adults come in within a week of each other this summer, all struggling to breathe and with no other obvious signs of what could be causing their distress, said Kevin Davidson, one of the critical care pulmonologists at WakeMed, in an interview withContinue reading “A North Carolina Hospital Spotted the Problems with Vaping Early”

Episode 142: Omega-3 Fish Oil vs. Placebo

Asking People What they Take is Not the Same as Actually Giving a Pill “This is an example of why prospective studies are good. Last year a retrospective study said supplements were not good.” — Dr. Franklin Wefald In a new study, researchers found people who received omega-3 fish oil supplements in clinical studies hadContinue reading “Episode 142: Omega-3 Fish Oil vs. Placebo”

What is Heart Health Radio?

This is Dr. Franklin Wefald, a cardiologist and internal medical specialist who practices in Smithfield, North Carolina. He is also the host of Heart Health Radio on NewsRadio 680 WPTF. It’s on Saturdays at noon. This is the home for the radio show. Heart Health Radio is not a promotional idea to get more peopleContinue reading “What is Heart Health Radio?”