Dr. Wefald’s Own Doctor is on the Show!

Dr. Renee Watson of Johnston Family Medicine is on the Heart Health Radio program to talk about the struggles facing healthcare providers since the pandemic started. People are not going to the doctor’s offices, and are delaying treatment. This can cause chronic problems to get worse. Rose Hobin of North Carolina Health News discusses theContinue reading “Dr. Wefald’s Own Doctor is on the Show!”

Did New York City Seed the American COVID-19 Pandemic?

And how dirty are New York City subway cars? Turns out pretty dirty. Heart Health Radio with Dr. Franklin Wefald is on Saturdays at noon on WPTF. Find the podcast here for the 5-9-2020 Episode. James in Raleigh updates us on his heart surgery, and apparently doctors removed a clot the size of a golfContinue reading “Did New York City Seed the American COVID-19 Pandemic?”

Stop Politicizing Covid-19!

Episode 159 starts with Dr. Franklin Wefald taking a stand against politicians using the coronavirus outbreak for political advantage. Find it here. All information true as of 2-29-2020. Health outbreaks or viral outbreaks and possible pandemics should never be politicized because you know, the Democrats, the whole election cycle including climate change, especially climate change.Continue reading “Stop Politicizing Covid-19!”

Episode 158: Mitral Regurgitation

James from Raleigh called because he was concerned about a heart valve issue: James: But recently they discovered that I have a bad, real bad leaky valve and the pressure in my heart doesn’t want to work right with my lungs and pushing the blood over to the lungs so they can be re-oxygenated.  TheyContinue reading “Episode 158: Mitral Regurgitation”

Episode 157: Don’t Take Medical Advice from Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker was famous a a televangelist who went to prison for fraud. He’s back, and he is selling a silver based product to combat coronavirus. Dr, Franklin Wefald: I hope that the Lord will reach down and touch Jim Bakker and tell him he’s full of it. Jim is saying that a silver solution,Continue reading “Episode 157: Don’t Take Medical Advice from Jim Bakker”

The Flu is More Dangerous to You Than Coronavirus

From the Japan Times: A second wave of seasonal influenza is taking hold in the U.S. and elsewhere, just as health officials are on high alert for new cases of the novel coronavirus. Many of the symptoms are the same, but when it comes to immediate risk, people should fear the flu more. The CentersContinue reading “The Flu is More Dangerous to You Than Coronavirus”

The Coronavirus: Dr. Wefald Has Actually Been to the Wuhan Market

From Episode 154 of Heart Health Radio: [Click here to listen now.] Dr. Frank Wefald: Well, I’ve been to Wuhan. My mother was from Shanghai. Wuhan is…people don’t realize it’s actually a very important city. It’s on the biggest river called the Yangtze River. It’s were Chairman Mao liked to hang out in the summerContinue reading “The Coronavirus: Dr. Wefald Has Actually Been to the Wuhan Market”

If Your Flu is Really Bad, Go to Duke or UNC Hospitals

The flu season is here, and people are dying. Last week in North Carolina, 11 people died from the flu, bringing the seasonal total to 33. (Source: NC DHHS.) Nationally, 39 children have died so far this season. (Source CDC.) From Heart Health, Episode 153: Dr. Frank Wefald: The flu report is here.  There areContinue reading “If Your Flu is Really Bad, Go to Duke or UNC Hospitals”

You Do Not Need a Daily Vitamin

Unless your doctor says so. Episode 152 of Heart Health Radio included a great conversation with Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch. His websites examine medical; fraud, bad medical advice and nutritional claims. Dr. Barrett is a retired psychiatrist and has co-authored a book on vitamin quackery. The full text of the book is here. FromContinue reading “You Do Not Need a Daily Vitamin”