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We Gotta Open Up

Presidential Advisor Peter Navarro agrees with Dr. Franklin Wefald about opening up the economy. Find the article at the Epoch Times. “And here’s the other reality that the medical doctors haven’t been telling you,” Navarro added. “Yeah, the China virus kills directly. But if… Continue Reading “We Gotta Open Up”

A Closed Hospital Reopens For COVID-19

Rose Hobin of North Carolina Health News was on Heart Health Radio this week to talk about their coverage of COVID-19 in North Carolina.. One of her most recent articles highlights a plan to reopen a hospital which had been shuttered. The original article… Continue Reading “A Closed Hospital Reopens For COVID-19”

Who Sent COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes?

In some places governors demanded that nursing homes take COVID-19 patients even though it was clear that the people there were at greater risk. We’ll talk about this on the next Heart Health Radio show Saturday at noon on WPTF. From the Washington Examiner:… Continue Reading “Who Sent COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes?”

Did New York City Seed the American COVID-19 Pandemic?

And how dirty are New York City subway cars? Turns out pretty dirty. Heart Health Radio with Dr. Franklin Wefald is on Saturdays at noon on WPTF. Find the podcast here for the 5-9-2020 Episode. James in Raleigh updates us on his heart surgery,… Continue Reading “Did New York City Seed the American COVID-19 Pandemic?”

“Sorry, We Know Nothing About This” — Wuhan Institute of Virology

I went searching for information on the Wuhan Institute of Virology, one of the laboratories operated by the Chinese government near the outbreak of COVID-19. Just for kicks I used the search feature to see if they had anything about the virus. Nope. Nothing… Continue Reading ““Sorry, We Know Nothing About This” — Wuhan Institute of Virology”

Personification of a Virus

Is a virus something that thinks and seeks out hosts? Does a virus actually know when the natural host is becoming endangered? David Quammen is a scientist who studies spillover events. COVID-19 is apparently a spillover of a virus from one animal species to… Continue Reading “Personification of a Virus”

Is This the End of the Beginning, or the Beginning of the End?

The CDC just published guidelines for folks to return to work. The entire document is here. We’ll discuss it on Heart Health Radio Saturday on WPTF. Find the latest shows here.

A Little Harsh to Blame the President?

Something to think about, from Townhall columnist Larry Elder: For three years, critics of President Donald Trump have claimed that he arrogantly refuses to listen to his experts and that his exaggerated sense of self prevents him from accepting his limitations. Applying that narrative… Continue Reading “A Little Harsh to Blame the President?”

Why Don’t We All Take Hydrochloroquine?

On our most recent Heart Health Radio, John asked a great question about hydrochloroquine, the malaria drug now being given to COVID-19 pateints. John: We’ve been taking hydrochloroquine, For years as a prophylactic for malaria. Dr. Frank Wefald: Yeah. It’s also good for rheumatoid… Continue Reading “Why Don’t We All Take Hydrochloroquine?”

Make America Healthy Again

Why would someone make a red mask with MAHA on it? It’s not an expression of devotion to President Trump. In fact, on this week’s show Dr. Franklin Wefald ends up criticizing the President for refusing to wear a mask. On the latest episode… Continue Reading “Make America Healthy Again”