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Make America Healthy Again

Why would someone make a red mask with MAHA on it? It’s not an expression of devotion to President Trump. In fact, on this week’s show Dr. Franklin Wefald ends up criticizing the President for refusing to wear a mask. On the latest episode… Continue Reading “Make America Healthy Again”

Episode 151: The SAD Lamp

Can a lamp help you beat the winter blues? In the latest Heart Health Radio, Dr. Franklin Wefald talks about depression and seasonal affective disorder. Dave Alexander: Are people getting sick more during this period of time? Dr. Frank Wefald: Yeah, and I think… Continue Reading “Episode 151: The SAD Lamp”

Episode 149: 70% of Blood Available for Transfusion Contains Xanax

…and lots of coffee, too. Story here. Seventy percent of people don’t really take Xanax, so why is so much blood tainted? Dr. Franklin Wefald suggests a reason for this. You might be someday getting two flu shots a year. Dr. Wefald is asking… Continue Reading “Episode 149: 70% of Blood Available for Transfusion Contains Xanax”

Does Donald Trump Have a Neurological Disorder?

Episode 148 of Heart Health Radio is one of our most fun. We actually don’t diagnose Donald Trump on the radio, but discuss whether it’s ethical to diagnose patients without examining them. Listen now. Links to the topics we discussed are below this post.… Continue Reading “Does Donald Trump Have a Neurological Disorder?”

Episode 142: Dr. Macon Singletary and Sleep is Good

Dr. Macon Singletary of North Raleigh Periodontics was in-studio for segment one, and he and Dr. Wefald discussed changes in the body related to dental health. Here’s a study which links poor dental health to poor health all the way on the other side… Continue Reading “Episode 142: Dr. Macon Singletary and Sleep is Good”